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Striking a balance between optimal nutrition, budgets and quality of life.

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there on all the things we, as dog owners/parents, must do (and avoid), if we want our dogs to live a long, healthy life. It’s great to bring awareness to issues but… sometimes the fear created, negates the positive.

We can only do so much at once, and we all have different lifestyles and budgets. I see dog parents that are stressed out and panicked, worried that they are doing things wrong, are not doing enough or do not have the budget to do everything they wish they could. Our dogs are very in tune with us, that’s why we have such deep connections with them, and they pick up on our worry and concern. Our panic and stress can also impact their health.

It is my mission to help you with a personalized solid, nutritional plan -whether it is fresh foods, or a mix of commercial food and fresh that takes your individual dog and your budget into account. Generic advice and recipes that might work for one dog, can fail miserably for another. There are cases/diagnoses where there is a sense of urgency which may cause even more panic, and that is exactly the time to make a reasonable plan rather than trying to follow everything you read online.

Stay informed and question information by ensuring it is backed up with verifiable facts. Find a vet that you trust and shares your philosophy -there are many wonderful vets out there. Keep looking until you find one or two that you connect with.

Just like when we make changes for our own health, it is best to take gradual, small steps and create consistency before making another change– find a balance that works for you and your dog. Remember to have fun with and enjoy your dog – our time with them is never long enough! Walking, sniffing, exploring new places, new challenges, mental enrichment and games are also such an important part of their quality of life.

If you must dedicate your whole monthly dog budget for dog food/nutrition and it is stressing you out and impacts your ability to do fun activities with your dog, then it’s time to look at overall streamlining. I believe optimal nutrition is the cornerstone of longevity and finding that balance for your dog, budget and lifestyle is key.

If you want me to look at your overall nutrition plan and which areas you may be able to revise and small improvements that may help - please connect I'd love to help.

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