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Diet Tune Up

A new option for previous clients!

It's not always possible or in a dog's best interest, to include lots of new foods in our initial four or eight week consult. It takes a while for the dog's microbiome to adjust to new foods and I like to give the dog parent time to get comfortable to the new routine. 


After extended stable time on the new diet, and updated lab work, we can look at additional functional foods and/or supplements to enhance the diet. Additional veggies, support foods and supplements for gut health are considered. This is not always possible and is highly dependent on health issues and the individual dog- but I want to offer it as a custom option for dog parents. 


Pricing will vary depending on support needed, and starts at $75. 


This starting price is not for a diet reformulation - ie changing or adding proteins, it is geared towards additional foods and/or supplements with antioxidant properties, immune support, and supporting gut health. 


Reformulations can (of course) be discussed and pricing will be reflective of time/support required.


Please connect to discuss what might work best for your dog!

Starts at $75
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