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Commercial Feeding Review
and Optimization

One of the most popular consults for healthy, adult dogs!

This consult is great for dog parents wanting to start adding some fresh foods to their dogs current commercial diet. It includes a review of your current commercial feeding (raw or kibble) protocol and provides guidance on appropriate fresh food additions and potential supplements considering your dog’s breed, age, lifestyle.


Are you confused and wonder if your supplement regimen is appropriate?

Are you adding so many supplements you've lost track of the "why"?

Do you feel you should be adding supplements but are unsure which ones are best for your dog?

Do you want to add some fresh foods to boost your dog's bowl but are overwhelmed - which foods and how much to feed?

This consult helps you cut through the marketing hype and focuses on optimizing your dog's diet by adding fresh foods and supplements, with guidance and taking your individual dog into account.

For clients who like more detailed instruction on amounts of fresh foods, I can develop a little "recipe" of additions that you can make weekly and divide into daily containers. This portion would be ~ 10-15% of your dog's total calories and is therefore a nice, manageable amount to help you get started and develop a level of comfort with the routine.

Starts at $100
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