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Weight Loss

For adult dogs with no other health issues besides needing weight loss.

Trying to help a dog achieve healthy weight loss can be a very frustrating experience for dog parents. Just like us, dogs have varying metabolisms and often commercial foods (raw or dry) aren’t ideal to work with in these situations. Simply reducing food volume means we are reducing nutrients and our dogs often feel hungry. If our dogs are begging for treats because we’ve cut their food back so much, we often give in because it’s truly heartbreaking.

Personalized fresh food diets work so well for weight loss because not only can we make methodical changes to calories, but we can make adjustments to macronutrients (protein/fat/carb). We look at what works best for your dog, and we ensure all nutrient requirements are being met. We choose foods (raw or cooked) in the diet that will promote satiety and that also work as treats.

The customized weight loss plan includes four weeks of support via email as we build a diet plan for your dog. Extra support may be needed depending on starting weight and ideal weight, as well as the digestive health of your dog. A dog who has not been eating a fresh food diet is going to require a slower transition and it’s likely more time will be needed. 

*Dogs needing more than 5lbs weight loss will need the Health Support Consult

Weekly weigh ins are needed so we can make caloric adjustments.

Starts at $145
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