Health Support

For adult dogs who have a health issue or multiple issues that need to be addressed and thus require more support time.

Kidney, liver, heart, cancer, urinary, digestive issues, cognitive changes/behavior concerns and food intolerance are all included in this category.

A detailed intake form is emailed after booking to get a full health history, including lab work. You will also receive a document to explain what to expect during the consulting process. Attention is paid to your dog’s breed, age, and lifestyle.

This consult includes eight weeks of continual support via email as we work on developing a personalized, NRC balanced fresh food diet plan for your dog to address their health concerns. A methodical approach is taken to ensure stools and digestion are good before moving on to the next steps. This is not simply a recipe, it is a diet plan with professional, experienced support. All foods are discussed prior to ensure they are available consistently and are affordable- your dog’s likes and dislikes are always considered! Tips on prep, cooking and storage are also sent and the support includes all related questions.


There is no guarantee that a diet and supplements will be fully implemented within 8 weeks - it is dependent on your dog's reactions. Their history with fresh foods, their age and health issues all affect the process. Extra support can be purchased in two week increments if needed, we will never rush the process.


Note that the consulting process is dependent on your dog being stable- chronic diarrhea, GI upset needs to be addressed with your veterinarian prior to introducing a new diet.