A personalized proactive diet plan for your healthy adult dog.

Healthy means at optimal weight, no digestive issues or food sensitivities, healthy skin/coat and good stools. For dog parents who want to ensure their dog’s diet provides optimal nutrition to help circumvent health issues in the future and/or ensure their canine athlete's diet is optimal.

Both an intake form and a document to explain the process are emailed after booking and information is gathered to determine what foods are tolerated and what you have available in your area that can be used in the diet. Clients have the option of raw, cooked or a combination of both. There is also the option to include a portion of commercial food.

This consultation includes a fully balanced (to National Research Council guidelines) fresh food recipe that takes into account your dog's breed, age, lifestyle and includes up to four weeks of continual email support as the diet plan is introduced. The variety of foods included in the recipe are discussed as well as dog parent experience in preparing fresh foods.

Additional recipes can be purchased once the original diet is tolerated. These are $65 each and do not include support.