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Senior Dogs


I offer this consult in hopes of inspiring more dog parents to consider the importance of optimal nutrition for these special guys. If they’ve been eating fresh foods- great! We can optimize the diet for their age and lifestyle. Perhaps you want to add some fresh foods to their commercial diet, but not 100% fresh- we can discuss this too.

This consult is for senior dogs with no major health issues (confirmed with labwork) but the dog parent wants to address a proper diet that takes into account their dog’s age, breed, and activity level. Skeletal/joint support, cognition, changes in digestion are some of the issues we consider with older dogs. Ensuring their diet provides proper vitamins and minerals and fatty acids, without over supplying certain ones is a great way to be proactive.

This consult includes 4 weeks of support via email as we introduce fresh foods and potential supplements. For dogs who have not eaten much fresh food, the health support consult is a better fit as we introduce foods much slower vs a full recipe at once.

For clients who choose 100% fresh foods, the diet will be balanced to NRC guidelines. 

Starts at $169-$359
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