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Personalized and balanced fresh food diets.

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Jody Zesko works with dog parents worldwide who value unbiased, professional nutrition guidance. A science backed approach to nutrition is the most powerful path to optimal health. 

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Canine Nutrition Services

Commercial Food Review 

Ensure your feeding protocol is optimized for your individual dog. Add fresh foods & supplements with a targeted plan.

Health Support Plan

For adult dogs who have a health issue(s) that needs to be addressed- ie liver, food intolerance, kidney, heart, urinary, GI support.

Amanda W, Calgary, AB – Connor

I am very happy to say we have gone 10 months without one seizure!! 

I just can not believe it. No ear or eye infections, his nose color has returned and his nail color is still coming back.  He sleeps all night for the first time ever and has lost the needed 10lbs. 

We will be forever grateful for all that Jody has done for our family.  If anyone is struggling with any health issues, I highly recommend contacting her for help. This was a game changer for us! Read more

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Blog Posts & Treat Recipes

Canine nutrition info, tips and healthy dog treat recipes.

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