Kind Words & Updates

I'm always grateful for feedback from prior clients!


Monica Segal, Toronto, ON

Having worked with Jody for more than three years I can say that her ability to formulate diets for dogs in health and disease is excellent. She considers the entire dog by providing support for the issues at hand, breed predispositions and that the dog feels satiated. Jody also has a kind heart and generous spirit that endears her to the dog world.


Bernadine T, Rancho Cucamongo, CA – Tig

This is my sweet little boy.  He is 10 years old and needs to take medication for a serious heart condition. After six months on the medication, we ran a blood panel.  Several values (including kidney values) were out of the normal range and very concerning.  My good friend recommended Jody Zesko and I’m so thankful she did.  After following Jody’s detailed instructions for more than eight weeks, we ran another blood panel to make sure we were on the right path.   The results are incredible and everything is now within normal limits.  Our Vet is understandably impressed and will recommend Jody to other patients, willing to cook for their pets.  Thank you, Jody, for all you do!


Gina F, Webster, NY – Daisy

Just wanted to thank you for helping me get Daisy's GI issues resolved. I was seriously at my wits end watching her struggle with watery stools all of the time. And it could not have felt good for her either! She's almost 1.5 years old and I struggled for over a year. My only other option was to try hydrolized food at $100 for a 20 pound bag and even though my vet thought it would've helped, I decided to invest in a consult with you and get her on real whole foods instead of kibble. As you know, the change was almost instant! With just a reduction in fat and an increase in fiber she started coming around. The whole process was affordable and easy to follow, and I can tell she LOVES what is in her bowl. And I feel better because she doesn't have to survive on processed kibble. I would tell anyone whose dog has health issues to look at the diet and seek help. I'm so glad we did!! 


Jenny Howe, Calgary, AB – Swizzy

I reached out to Jody when my dog, Swizzy, an Aussie Shepherd was 16 months old. She was on a commercial raw diet and was maintaining her weight but she just didn’t seem satisfied- she also ate poop and was shedding excessively. I felt like she needed some extras in her bowl and that something might be lacking in her diet. Because Jody had created my other Aussie’s diet, she knew what foods I was already using and she created a little recipe of additional foods I could add to Swizzy’s food, based on Pre’s diet. By using appropriate food additions and utilizing some supplements we were able to address some nutrients that were lacking in her commercial raw food. Within a month or so we noticed a big reduction in shedding, and she was so much calmer between meal times. After more time on the diet, she stopped eating poop and just seemed generally more content overall. She loves the extras at meal times- in fact she cries for her meals and her weight is optimal – we are so happy!


Jenny Howe, Calgary, AB – Prefontaine

Prefontaine has been following a custom, cooked diet put together by Jody. Prior to this he would eat very sporadically. Sometimes twice a day, sometimes once a day, sometimes not at all. He wasn’t interested in kibble, he wasn’t interested in raw. Meal time was stressful for all of us.

In addition to him likely being malnourished (although his weight was fine) and ‘hangry’, he is also quite reactive. Lunging at dogs on leash, baring his teeth to people, charging dogs and humans, and just kind of acting like a jerk. This is particularly heartbreaking because the whole reason we got an Australian Shepherd was so we could do dog sports with him, but we just didn’t feel like we could trust him in a setting with other people and dogs. When Jody mentioned diet could be playing a role in his reactivity, I was shocked! And so, I jumped at a diet that could help that even a little bit!

The changes we’ve seen so far are beyond encouraging. For starters, Pre actually starts crying if we don’t feed him at the same time, every day. And as soon as that food comes out of the fridge, he’s doing spins and getting ready for the best part of his day!
He devours every morsel of his meals and still gets some raw chicken necks (which he loves!) throughout the week. But even more exciting is that we’ve noticed a change in his behaviour. He’s actually starting to chill out a bit! And because he’s in a less reactive state so much of the time, he’s better able to listen to our commands and process them. He doesn’t ‘lose his mind’ nearly as much. We finally get to start doing the things we’ve always wanted to do with him! All of us are SO much happier now, and best of all, Pre is much healthier physically, and he’s getting there emotionally!


Regan Smith, Calgary, AB – Mia

I came to Jody needing help with my little Mia. She was diagnosed with something wrong with her liver, she had elevated liver enzymes, sludgy gallbladder and really wasn’t enjoying food, just treats. Mia is a 13 year old rescue and I felt a biopsy surgery would be too hard on her as she had just had her teeth done. The vet recommended a kibble diet change and I feel very strongly about kibble not being able to support our dogs well enough. I was referred to Jody by Doodle Dogs. I am so happy to have Jody in our lives! Mia eats a well balanced diet, is very happy, super excited about meal time, and in general, does not seem her age. Most people think she is a puppy! The changes over 4 months were amazing, and those enzyme levels came way down.

Be prepared to talk all about poop and meal prep for your furbabies. Without Jody and her help, I honestly don’t know where we would be. Mia is a new old dog. We will forever feed her this meal plan now, she eats better than us! Thank you Jody. You gave our girl her life back and helped me get through understanding the insides of our dog.


Jenny Howe, Calgary, AB – Lola Belle

My sweet puppy, Lola Belle, was well into her senior years and having a hard time keeping on weight. Even with increasing the amounts of her commercial raw food, I just couldn't stop her from looking like a rail. Also, her energy was especially low, which I chalked up to her being a senior. I had a Commercial Food Boost consult with Jody and she made suggestions on supplements and healthy food additions that would be a good fit for Lola-Belle.

Well, I have to say, the change in her was remarkable! She gained weight and was much more satisfied after her meals. Her “glaucoma eye” was even less bulgy! She was so full of energy that she almost demanded walks. We took her for a little "hike" and she didn't run into anything! (she had Very minimal vision) Normally she’d be exhausted for a couple days after a big walk -nope, the next day she was SAUCY! She yelled and yelled for us to come play, and ended up completely destroying a toy.

She was sleeping less during the day, but resting hard at night. She wasn’t restless anymore and for the first time, I SWEAR she became social. My 13-year-old dog had no idea she wasn’t a puppy- we couldn't have been happier!


Trudy Drake, Cochrane, AB – Moxie

She honestly loves the veggie mixture so much and I will start rotating other veg/fruits through it one by one the next time I make it. She’s tolerated everything so far very well and the supplements you recommended have made a huge difference too! The shedding has stopped, her coat looks so shiny and soft! She’s still a bit itchy but I’m sure it’s more related to it being allergy season. I’ve already started to cut back on her Apoquel (she only gets it 4-5 days a week now instead of 7). Hoping we can cut it out entirely and keep her happy and healthy.


Elaine M, St. Anthony, MN – Jack

I’ve been feeding a raw home prepared diet for at least 15 years. Due to an issue I was having, I had to switch to kibble a year and a half ago, but meant to get back to home prepared when able.

My 13 year old dog, Jack, started having recurrent aspiration pneumonia and repeatedly tried to die on me last winter. In an effort to bring him out of that downward trend, I switched back to home prepared, but this time cooked as it was safer for him. Between the permanent medications he’s now on and getting a balanced complete diet, he’s turned the corner and is back to being a happy, healthy dog. He’s put on some weight so he looks better too. I can’t express enough how important proper nutrition with fresh, real food is in my dog’s recovery and to support him as he continues to age.