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Beef Puploaf Recipe

My good friend’s dog has cancer. Her name is Karma and she is a feisty, beautiful 16-year-old lab/border collie cross and I’ve known her, her entire life. When I heard that her appetite had started to wane, I decided to cook up a meatloaf and bring it by to see if it would help. I am NOT the best cook so cooking for a dog where the food doesn’t have to look pretty is right up my alley :)

This meatloaf recipe isn’t a balanced diet, but it can work well as an occasional fresh food topper to a dry kibble diet. It’s very easy to make and the broccoli, tomato paste, herbs and spice provide some great antioxidants in addition to the high-quality protein/fat of the beef and egg.

Ground beef with 15% fat was used because it’s the most common lean ground beef you find at grocery stores, BUT it’s important to drain the fat after cooking and let the loaf rest a bit on paper towel to ensure we don’t suddenly add too much fat to the diet. Because the loaf doesn’t use a binder like grain or breadcrumbs, it doesn’t stay very well formed, so you may want to try the recipe as little meatballs. That will also make it a bit easier to freeze leftovers if you have a small dog.

1. Finely chop or pulverize the broccoli and parsley.

2. Measure and mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then form into small meatballs or place in 8” x 4” loaf pan.

3. Bake at 375F for 30 minutes or until cooked through. Drain fat, and rest on paper towel lined plate.

4. Feed as a tiny treat size to ensure it’s tolerated before increasing the amount.

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